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We hate to think about it, but sometimes problems occur with our products. We try to make everything perfect, however if something was missed, we want to make sure it's corrected. Jacqui products are built on the premise that they'll last a LONG TIME. Probably a poor business model if we want you to buy more things to replace your old things, but we don't care. We want your items to become part of your permanent style. 

Should a problem occur due to our manufacturing, please let us know. We'll fix it. Send us a note at hello@jacqui.us or via our contact page, and we'll take care of things. 


The beauty of leather is that it will age and change over time to the way you use it. Certain uses will age it faster... like exposure to water. Try to keep your leather as dry as possible, but when it happens, just make sure to let your item air-dry overnight. You can apply saddle soap or cleaning and protection, or we recommend conditioners from Red Wing Shoes, or from our friends at Otter Wax.